Why Us

We help winning brands deliver maximum relevance and consistency in 120+ markets

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What We Do

Maximise Results Across Teams,
Products & Geographies

Social Insight

An editorial approach to digital storytelling that is social by design and asset light


  • Design editorial strategies based on deep local insight
  • Manage co-creation of content with the most influential local market journalists, bloggers & experts 
  • Measure performance results vs competition

Social Curation

An always on approach to the amplification of the best local, regional and global conversations


  • Amplify most relevant content within & across markets at scale
  • Leverage local opportunities as they happen
  • Gain powerful “micro-audience” insights 


Not creative translation of global campaigns, a data-driven approach to language & culture that delivers measurably better return


  • Predict local market success of international marketing & creative concepts
  • Multiply impact of global campaigns in each market & language

How we do it

From our Central Management Hub in London & Dubai,
our expert multilingual team works with an always on global platform

A Unique Global Maximisation Platform

Our core AI platform helps us provide clients with strategic advantage across markets in 3 ways

Central Management

Today's brand owners need local relevance and global consistency. Our Multilingual Central Management Hub is a condensed version of the world: expert Strategists, Editors & Project Managers from multiple geographies work side by side to manage our local talent and global platform across 120+ markets.

Local Talent

We believe the single most powerful media today is not TV or Twitter, but people. Our deep bench of local talent includes 12000+ local and social experts from around the world. They are selected based on the exceptional quality of their work and / or their social impact on audiences: each one is the result of an in-depth scan of about 10,000 profiles.

Global Platform

To understand audience behaviour, identify the best talent and amplify the most engaging content for each market, we work with an advanced global platform. Not only does it track the performance results of every talent, campaign and piece of content, it self-learns from experience to help deliver ever increasing performance.

What They Say

Ian Ewart
Susie Hamlin
Abdellatif Elmardenl

Social Dividend Global is great at managing, adapting and amplifying creative content across borders - something that is very difficult, as we all know, when it comes to different languages, cultures and channels.

Ian Ewart
Former Head of Global Marketing Barclays

Our Team Has Been Shaped By Outstanding Brands


Providing Maximum Relevance and Consistency Providing Maximum Relevance and Consistency

Providing Maximum Relevance and Consistency

Very honored to Win “Most Outstanding Strategic Brand Consultancy” in Acquisition Intl.’s 2018 Global Excellence Awards!
We dedicate this win to our global clients, our social insight experts around the world, and our always-on central management team – which accepts on all of our behalves.


Relevance is the new currency Relevance is the new currency

Relevance is the new currency

Social Relevance is finding out what works best in each market and amplifying it to the maximum. Being relentlessly RELEVANT.